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Zindagi Akhir Sarayat

The communist government banned this song from radio airplay. As relevant now as when it was first recorded, this is a revolutionary song that is rock infused. Translated to English, the song’s refrain is:

Freedom and liberty mean life to mankind. There’s no need for submission,

fight for your freedom.’


Ay Padesha Khuban

This is another spiritual melody, inspired by Sufi Poet Hafiz Shirazi. We love the powerful intro. This song conveys a yearning to be closer to God, it is probably the most recognized song of the 70s in Afghanistan.


Ay Qawme Be Haj Rafta

We love this swirling, spiritual melody, it is based on Rumi’s poem, 'O You Who Have Gone On Pilgrimage'. It has a very simple yet inspiring message, God is within us all:

'Here, here is the Beloved! 

Oh come now, come, oh come!

Your friend, he is your neighbor, 

he is next to your wall'


Ay Khuda Madare Man 

My father wrote a few songs for his mother. This one happens to be my favorite. He wrote it shortly after she passed away. You feel his sorrow and pain. You sense his love and devotion for his mother. I clearly remember listening to this song before bedtime on my Sony walkman back in the day.  In a way, it was therapeutic when I longed for a closer connection with him. 


                                          - Shabnam

Our Team's Favorite Tracks


Ajab Sabri Khuda Darad

This song was deliberate and politically charged, the lyrics reflect the state of the communists. The song was for Afghans to question their state and to order change:


'If I were God...
When seeing one shivering 
And naked and another clothed 
In a hundred colors, 
I would tear up the earth and sky


Merawi Az Man Labrize Feghanam

This is a melancholic beautiful song, with romantic and lilting lyrics. 


Tanha Toye

There's a version of this song that is a 'majlessi' (unplugged performance, acoustic sound) version that we dig the most. The sound and beat of tabla mixed in with the harmonium is so contagious! Also, Zahir's vocal range is demonstrated very clearly in this song. 


Barayam Gerya Kun Imshab

The slow soulful feel combined with Zahir's sultry vocal, this song has to be one of his greatest compositions about love and loss. 


Harjah Ke Safar Kardam

The sweet ode to true love. The song has an infectious sound and the lyrics are timeless. The refrain is:

'wherever I travel, you will be with me.' 

11 /

Baz Amadi Aye Jane Man

The lyrics are unbelievably sweet with a romantic melody. This song is proof that, despite the constantly changing trends in music, some songs never get old.

10 /

Ay Nazanin Az Ishq Tu

This song playfully weaves together threads of emotion and endearing sentiment. According to many fans that attended Zahir's concerts, the live performance of this song was always electric. The lyrics, composition and stage presence showed his deep compassion for music and his fans.

12 /

Az Tu Duram 

The lyrics are filled poetically chosen. It's another song of Ahmad Zahir that soothes the soul when you need it the most.

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