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Ahmad Zahir's music is still played throughout the streets and villages of the country, and is the one common thread that connects all Afghans in the diaspora all across the world who have fled their home over the decades.

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The expression of art has diminished under the shadow of war over last 40 years, but still his voice defiantly persists.


His voice lives on in the hearts of all Afghan people. One voice to have such a lasting effect on society is remarkable. He laid the foundation for other great artists and generations to come.  He has inspired a new generation of musicians and activists to dream of a better future. His legacy truly lives on.


Zahir was recognized by NPR as one of the 50 GREAT VOICES that changed the world. 


His burial site has been rebuilt by fans and since then, every June 14, his birthday, pilgrims have flocked to the Cemetery on the southern edge of Kabul to lay flowers on his grave and play one of his last memorable songs.


"Ahmad Zahir said what others were thinking, but too 
afraid to say. He was the original Afghan superstar who brought our people together." 

-Sultan Hashimi, 13 years old

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"Freedom and liberty mean life to mankind. There’s no need for submission, fight for your freedom."

- Ahmad Zahir, song 'Zindagi Akhir Sarayat'

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