SHABNAM HUMPHREY - Director / Writer

Shabnam started this project as a personal quest to learn more about her father and her native country of Afghanistan. She is the only daughter of Ahmad Zahir. She has over a decade of experience in graphic design and digital media. Shabnam has been a photographer since 2011. Her portfolio is diverse, ranging from candid portraits of various political figures in Washington, DC to conceptual and abstract photography.


Since 2014, Shabnam has been advocating for Copyright Protection for Afghan Artists around the world.

SAM FRENCH - Executive Producer

An Oscar-nominated filmmaker, Sam spent five years living and working in Afghanistan, where he produced and directed documentaries for the UN, NGOs, aid organizations, and the media, including HBO, BBC, CNN, Channel 4 News and Al Jazeera. He wrote and directed the Academy Award nominated short film “Buzkashi Boys,” which was the first narrative film since 2001 to be filmed entirely on location in Afghanistan. 


Sam is back in Los Angeles and is writing and developing both narrative and documentary feature film projects. Sam believes in the power of storytelling to connect people across different cultures, and that if we lift up our voices and share our stories we can change the world.

HILMAND DEHSABZI - Archival Researcher / Associate Producer

Hilmand is the Archival Researcher for the production. With a degree in architecture and solid experience in large scale Urban Development projects, Hilmand has the strong skills required to navigate the complex and fragmented archival landscape of pre-war Afghanistan. He is a first-generation Afghan Australian, based in Sydney and this is his debut in film production.